Download Annie Lang's hatchling egg character patterns for painting your own paper mache springtime project!
Here's 3 fun little Springtime egg characters guaranteed to make you smile! They also make great basket stuffers,  Baby Shower decorations and Mother's Day gifts. Feel free to share this page link with your friends and family so they can get creatively inspired, too.  To download the patterns at the bottom of this page, right click and save image to your computer.
Get Annie Lang's FREE project instructions and painting patterns to create paper mache eggs and basketsSupplies:
4 1/2" paper mache egg for each featured character
sponge brush for basecoating
assorted brushes and liner brush
3"x3" scrap of white watercolor paper for bunny ears
adhesive to attach bunny ears to the egg
transfer paper

Assorted Acrylic Craft Paints  as follows...
Funny Bunny Hatchling: white, black, baby blue, true blue, pink, burgundy, spring green, true green
Happy Chick Hatchling: bright yellow, light yellow, orange, burgundy, white, lavender, dark purple, pink, spring green, true green, black
Peeper Hatchling: bright yellow, light yellow, orange, pink, burgundy, white, baby blue, true blue, black
Hatchling Basket: white, baby blue, true blue, lavender, dark purple, spring green, true green

Prepping Instructions:
Use sponge brush to basecoat all paper mache items with white.
Apply a coat of bright yellow for the chick character egg.
For the peeper egg, basecoat the top with pink, the bottom half with baby blue and the middle strip (approx 1" wide) with bright yellow.
Transfer patterns onto eggs
Painting Instructions:
Bunny: Tap baby blue and white around transferred lines. Tiny eggs are baby blue shaded with true blue, pink shaded with burgundy and spring green shaded with true green.  Brush handle is burgundy and bristles are black with white blended in to highlight.  Nose is pink with burgundy shading and a white highlight is then added with a liner brush.  Eyes and mouth areas are painted with black. For the ears, use baby blue thinned with water and brush this shading color around the border edges of the traced pattern on the watercolor paper.  Fill in the inner ear areas with pink and shade with burgundy.  When dry, cut out the ears and attach them to the bunny's head at the top of the egg. When dry, tap a little pink onto the cheek areas.
Chick:  Tap light yellow paint over the bright yellow basecoat.  You can also use a liner brush to add light yellow lines of texture for a more "feathered" look. Thin a bit of orange with water and apply this shading color around the outlines of the transferred pattern.  Fill in the beak area with orange and then shade with a bit of burgundy.  Flowers have lavender petals shaded with dark purple. Leaves are true green with spring green highlights added with a liner brush. Use orange to paint the flower center and tap some mini dots around the lower flowers.  Eyes and inner mouth areas are painted with black. When dry, tap a little pink onto the cheek areas.
Peeper:  Brush some burgundy shading around the bottom edge of the the pink egg section and around the edges of the cracked opening.  Repeat with true blue for the bottom area of the egg.  Randomly paint large white polka dots over the pink section of the egg, vertical orange lines onto the yellow band and some freestyle true blue star and dot shapes over the blue egg section.  Fill the inside egg "cracked opening" area with black.  Peeper eyes are white with black pupils. Basecoat the beak with orange and shade with burgundy.  Use a liner to add 2 tiny black beak lines and light yellow lines for hair feathers.

Annie Lang's FREE project instructions and patterns to make paper mache painted egg charactersBasket:  Use sponge brush to paint the inside basket and underside of the handle with baby blue.  Paint the outside handle with lavender and then randomly add tiny white swirl shapes to finish the handle.  Use thinned true blue to add a line of shading onto the white outside edges around the top and bottom of the basket.  Freestyle paint vertical stripes and patterns as you please down the basket.  I shaded and highlighted the stripes on the sample project before adding pattern shapes...this is optional of course!
Transfer Annie Lang's free patterns onto paper mache eggs to make a bunny, chick and peeper character.