Saturday, July 7, 2018


Head on over to Annie Things Possible to see all the Fishing Kids possibilities!Grab your fishing pole and head on over to your favorite fishing spot with Annie Lang's Fishing Kids!  Annie's Fishing Kid clipart characters are super fun to use for creating your own personalized summer wearables, clever kid activities, scrapbook page embellishments, DIY party items and more!
Annie Lang's Fishing Kids available in downloadable ready to use products
You'll find most of the Fishing Kid character line art patterns in Annie Lang's "Kids Just Wanna Have Fun" book (on sale NOW!) in both printed and downloadable .pdf versions.  Characters can also be found as ready to use downloadable Designer Singles and Paper Clip Character Sheets.  See you down at the fishing hole!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Grab your tent and head on over to get the art you need at Annie Things Possible.

School is out and so are Annie Lang's Camper Kids! 
See the NEW clipart Camping Kids, Camping Digital Prints, and Paper Clip Camping Kids printables that have just been added to the Annie Things Possible
Home Website!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


You only need one Annie Lang Character Single Design to make unlimited creative projects!
Here's a step-by step tutorial to show you how to embellish a slumber bag and iron-on wearables.

Watch this DIY project how-to and lots more ... 
just visit My YouTube Channel! 

Thursday, May 31, 2018


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Saturday, May 26, 2018


Here's a COOL step by step video tutorial on how to make a Cool Bird iron-on transfer t-shirt using basic craft supplies and a fun printable character design by Annie Lang!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Need ideas on how to jazz up some of your home dec items for the summer?  If you've never worked with vinyl transfers, you'll just love this project! Here's a step by step tutorial on how I dressed up the white board hanging in my laundry room.  If you don't have an electronic cutter, you can also cut the design by hand and then transfer directly onto your surface of choice!

1.  Sunny Thoughts ready to print design by Annie Lang
2.  Inkjet printer
3.  Silhouette Portrait cutting machine
4.  Transfer paper for vinyl
5.  Printable vinyl paper sheet-white
6.  Scraper for transferring cutout
7.  Scissors (can also be used to cutout the design if not using cutter)
8.  Hook to weed non essential vinyl from the cutout
9.  White erase board

Method 1:  
Open in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Paint, export the page to your computer and save as a .png file.  File can then be printed in highest quality setting so it's ready to scan to the Silhouette machine OR print directly onto the printable vinyl if you are cutting out the design by hand.
Method 2:  
Open the file in Photoshop, select the image and save as a .png file.  File can then be printed in highest quality setting so it's ready to scan to the Silhouette machine OR print directly onto the printable vinyl if you are cutting out the design by hand.

Setting up your Design Layout

Import your .png file to your Silhouette Library, click the design and begin setting up your layout.  Make sure you resize the image to stay within the printing and cutting boundary lines.
 Click the registration mark icon and make sure your design is within the marks.  The cutter needs to read these marks so it knows where to cut with accuracy.
Send to your printer and print the vinyl sheet on the the highest quality setting.
Send to your printer and print the vinyl sheet on the the highest quality setting.

You're now ready to prepare the image for cutting by tracing the design areas you would like to cut.

You'll now be ready to send the layout to begin cutting the vinyl.  Your printed vinyl design should already be placed on the cutting mat.  You now can set the blade depth based on the vinyl material setting.  The cutter will first read the registration marks and then begin cutting for you.
Remove the design from the cutting mat, roughly cut around the design and then use the weeding hook tool to remove unwanted background vinyl from the design.  You'll want the printed vinyl areas to remain intact on the backing paper.
Place the transfer paper so the sticky side covers the printed vinyl and the grid side is facing up.  Use the scraper tool to insure the vinyl stays in place before you remove the backing paper from the unprinted side of the design.

You can skip the cutting...just print the design on transfer paper for fabrics and iron it onto your project following the manufacturer's directions.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Introducing Annie Lang's design art sets you can use to create nearly any creative DIY project with professional results!  Each .pdf set includes printable full color art along with line art patterns you can color yourself.  Sets also include ready to print flipped art so you can easily print and transfer onto any surface or novelty printable media in the blink of an eye!  You'll find all the currently available designs right now at the Annie Things Possible website.  More designs will be added each and every month so make sure you check them out.  Best of all, you can use the designs over and over again for only $1.99 each!

Monday, April 16, 2018


If you're looking for just the right words to express yourself, these NEW greetings by Annie Lang will help you tell Mom and Dad exactly how you feel!  Best of all, these 5"x7" designs are printed on high quality heavy cardstock with a glossy finish that are suitable for framing.  Check out these new designs along with all Annie's whimsical greetings at Annie Lang's Card Shop.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Want to make your world smile? Watch this video for Annie Lang's NEW International Smiles Line Art Patterns and get inspired.

You'll find the downloadable .pdf line art patterns and clipart sets at Annie Things Possible so you can get started right away!

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Need quick and easy ideas for Easter decorating?  Try these DIY ideas using supplies you already have on hand. You can print your own paper prints, use wrapping paper or make use of your scrapbook paper scraps. Use these ideas for ANY season or party theme.  Egg tubes will also hold battery operated tea lights!  Enjoy...