Thursday, March 16, 2017


Annie Lang shows you how to easily recycle or repurpose k-cups to create clever little hats to use for a variety of events.
If you've got K-Cups...You've Got Party Hats!
Easily recycle or repurpose your k-cups and craft them into clever little hats you can use for a variety of events. The photo sample shows a simple brim made from a round woodlet, but you can use foam, felt or cardboard if you'd like.  Use black K-Cups to make cute top hats or paint them with bright colors and add lace, beads or other trims to create adorable little bonnets!  Here's how I made the sample project...

1.  Peel the foil lid off of a used K-Cup.
2.  Remove the grounds.  You can recycle them by mixing into your garden soil!
3.  Most k-cups have an inner filter lining so just pull it off.
4.  Most of the quality coffee brand cups have a plastic strainer.  I paint them and use as craft embellishments.  They make great dimensional  "owl eyes" or flower centers when you glue gemstones or felt circles to the center hole!
5.  Apply craft glue around the top edge of the k-cup and attach it to the center of a round wood circle shape.  Let dry.
6.  Paint with the color of you choice.  You can paint a hatband if you wish.
7.  Apply decorative tape, ribbon or trim to create a colorful hatband.
8.  Attach any embellishments you'd like to suit the occasion!

Hats off you and ENJOY!
Please feel free to share your k-cup hats photos and ideas with me on my Annie Things Possible Facebook Page!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Everyone needs a craft space of their own and Annie Lang has some great ideas to make that possible!

It doesn't matter how old you are because everyone needs some creative space!
For the past year or so, I've slowly but surely been introducing my young granddaughter to the world of imaginative arts and crafts.  Since most toddlers are easily frustrated, have short attention spans and a natural desire to "do it themselves", I only introduce one activity concept at a time.  This allows me to see whether or not she can handle the project or if it is an activity she enjoys.
I discovered that threading noodles onto a string is not her cup of tea and that leaving her to paint "freestyle" onto surfaces of her choice comes naturally at her age.  So now that we've explored the many creative possibilities, I decided it was time to set up a crafting storage space in the guest room closet so she can choose her own supplies and projects to work on when she comes to visit.

So whether you're a grandma, mom or day care provider who works with kids, I hope you'll find some of these ideas useful as you craft out a space of your own!

     When boxes of craft supplies arrive on the doorstep, unpack everything    
     together.  Kids are natural helpers and with each item you open, let them          help you sort things into piles.  It's also a great time to talk about what
     they are, what they are made out of and ideas as to how the items can be          used for future projects.

Everyone needs a craft space of their own and Annie Lang has some great ideas to make that possible!

     Make necessary supplies reachable!  Clear containers, mini crate bins, open        boxes and small baskets are ideal for storing all those creative supplies. In
     my experience, if you can't see won't get used.  I keep a large craft
     project basket handy so we can choose our project items and easily carry
     everything downstairs to the kitchen table.  It's also handy when the project
     is over and you need to return items to the shelves.  Most of the clear boxes,      bins and mini crates were purchased at the dollar store.  Repurposed banker      box lids are ideal for storing papers, foam or felt sheets and glue gun  
     supplies.  Mugs are great for pencil and brush storage.

Everyone needs a craft space of their own and Annie Lang has some great ideas to make that possible!

     I once used a tackle box to store mini embellishments necessities like
     jewels, gems, magnets, minis, wiggle eyes, etc. but I only needed to drop it
     once to discover just how impractical it was! I now store these items in
     individual mini deli and condiment containers with clear lids along with clear
     pencil boxes for larger items and hinged button boxes for odds and ends.
     All the items are stored together in a sturdy cardboard box that fits neatly on      the shelf for easy access to all our embellishments.

     Even though my current supplies will constantly be changing, designating a
     specific cubbyhole or shelf will insure everything will be easily located time
     and time again.  If you've ever changed your kitchen cabinets around, you'll      know what I mean!

     I know it's a pain, but labels really do work.  I used my label maker, but
     blank self adhesive address label sheets work too.  My granddaughter  
     helped me by typing out the letters for each label (we practiced our ABC's          while we are at it) and she got a kick out of watching each label emerge  
     from the machine.  I left the "Oodsies" label as she printed it just so I could        giggle every time I open the craft supply closet!

Everyone needs a craft space of their own and Annie Lang has some great ideas to make that possible!

     I was finally able to put an inexpensive bathroom storage cabinet I
     purchased years ago (it didn't fit the space I intended it for!) to good use
     in the craft supply closet.  By removing the drawers, I doubled the space
     because I can now use the empty cubbyholes for odds and ends storage.            Each of the removed drawers contain even more items.  The towel bar              is ideal for holding spools of ribbon, twine and crafting wire so it's a
     practical "win-win" storage solution.

     For storing a variety of large paintable crafting surfaces, don't be afraid to
     stack them on a shelf to the ceiling.  The shelf was previously stacked high        with pillows, sheets and boxes and it IS a closet, after all!  I also use large
     plastic "damage free" hooks that I buy in bulk at Sam's Club to hang large
     items and decorative accessories on the wall in plain sight.  If they are
     buried in a box, they'll never get used!

Everyone needs a craft space of their own and Annie Lang has some great ideas to make that possible!

     Swatches of craft fabric can be placed on pant hangers with clips and then
     hung onto the closet bar.  This makes it easy to flip through each fabric
     panel in lieu of digging through a box.  The closet bar is also ideal for
     hanging costume items like fur strips, feather boas, luau skirts and more.
     Hat hooks will eventually be added to the wall beneath the closet bar as            our costume collection grows.

Feel free to share your own pictures and ideas with me 
on my Annie Things Possible  Facebook Page!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


You can make this fun printable project in no time at all!

Create Fun Little Ears for Elves, Leprechauns and Attentive Little Readers! 
If you're looking for a quick, easy and really fun project, you can print and assemble this project in no time at all!
Originally designed as a classroom storytelling prop for my Elf books reading sessions, this project can easily be used to create Leprechaun Ears for St. Patrick's Day or used as a Halloween costume accessory.

Here's how to make Leprechaun Ears like the ones Little Emma is modelling for us in the sample photo...

1.  Right click the project page below and save it to your computer.
2.  Print the page.  Apply double sided adhesive to the back of the
     page before cutting them out.
3.  To insure the printer ink won't bleed if the ears happened to get wet,
     lightly mist with clear sealer or cover them with laminate or clear
     Contact(R) paper.
4.  Apply double sided adhesive to the back of the page before cutting.
5.  Assemble and finish the headband as instructed

Hope you Enjoy your Lucky Listening Ears!!!
*If you'd like to share this project...please send your friends and family the link to this page so they can download the project sheet directly to their computer!


Sunday, March 12, 2017


Fun Facts about St. Patrick's Day by Annie Lang

It's going to be green all week with shamrocks, lucky 4-leaf clover, leprechauns and of course St. Patrick himself!  St. Patrick's Day celebrations have already started in many communities and this week it seems that everyone is Irish!  As a child, I attended Blessed Sacrament Catholic School and because many of the nun teachers were Irish, the classroom was always buzzing with St. Patrick's Day activities.  We learned about St. Patrick "banishing the snakes" out of Ireland, we created iconic Irish crafts and sang traditional Irish songs that still remain with me today.  

There are many surprisingly fun facts about St. Patrick's Day and Ireland that I've dug up via social media historical sites ...

St. Patrick could not have banished snakes from Ireland because snakes cannot survive in Ireland's climate.

St Patrick was born in Scotland (though some believe Wales).  When he was a teenager, he was taken to Ireland by slavers.

St. Patrick's birth name was Maewyn Succat, but he changed his name to Patricius after becoming a priest.

Despite the fact that millions of people around the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the sad fact is that Patrick is a saint in name only because was never canonized by the Catholic Church.

The original color of St. Patrick was blue and not green!

The first st Patrick's Day parade took place in Boston 1737 while the first parade in Dublin didn't occur until 1931.

In 1903, pubs were closed to honor the St Patrick's Day religious holiday until 1970 when it was declared a national holiday and celebratory drinking resumed.

According to Irish legend, St Patrick used a three leaf shamrock in his teachings to represent the Holy Trinity and it still remains as an Irish Christian symbol.

Meanwhile, the four leaf clover is often mistakenly linked with St Patrick's Day. Irish folklore has it that the leaves of a four leaf clover are said to stand for faith, hope, love and luck.  Some say that Ireland is home to more four leaf clovers than anywhere else on the planet, which gives credence to the phrase "Luck of the Irish".  Odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000.

The harp is the national symbol of Ireland...not the shamrock!

Corned Beef and cabbage are considered a St Patrick's Day traditional meal. It's more likely the Irish served bacon or sausages on St Patrick's Day as beef was not plentiful and quite expensive for "everyday folks" to serve and enjoy.

Irish soda bread is a popular staple on St. Patrick's Day.  A cross is cut into the dough before baking and is believed to ward off the devil.

There are more people with Irish ancestry in the United States than in Ireland!

According to traditional Irish lore, leprechauns are cobblers and shoemakers who earn every penny in their "pot of gold".  According to legend, leprechauns are considered as ornery (sometimes downright nasty) little fairy "tricksters" who are loners which may be due to the fact that there are no female leprechauns among their population!

Fun Facts about St. Patrick's Day by Annie LangNow that I have all the facts, I still remain steadfastly resolved to continue creating little girl leprechaun characters since I'm an equal opportunity artist!
So in the meantime, let's all enjoy the festivities, parades and celebrate being GREEN on St. Patrick's Day...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Make Easter "eggactly" perfect when your project begins with Annie Lang's clipart!

If you're getting ready to work on your Easter projects, why not use clipart to get things started?  If you're wondering just how versatile digital clipart can be, just take a look at what anyone can make if you have high quality art to work with.  You'll find this collection and more downloadable digital goods in my Annie Things Possible Art Store.  Feel free to let me know what wonderful projects YOU come up with and I'll post them on my Annie Things Possible Facebook Page.  Hope you enjoy!

Make Easter "eggactly" perfect when your project begins with Annie Lang's clipart!

Make Easter "eggactly" perfect when your project begins with Annie Lang's clipart!

Make Easter "eggactly" perfect when your project begins with Annie Lang's clipart!

Monday, February 27, 2017


See what you can make with Annie Lang's Sunny Paradise Line Art Pattern Book!

You don't need to travel far to be in Sunny Paradise!  So go ahead and treat yourself to a fruity beverage and then head out to enjoy a day in the sun.  Find dozens of mix and match pattern art to create everything from tropical themed greeting cards, summer vacation wearables and sunny scrapbook paper novelty elements to outdoor patio decorations and tropical party supplies!  This publication includes a unique selection of Annie’s most popular sun, surf, sand, beach, pineapple party characters, tropical fruity beverage images, tiki luau motifs, parrots, tropical flowers, sunny wordart and even a "beached" flamingo line art pattern character!

Available in both paperback and downloadable .pdf editions, this timeless publication is one you'll use over and over again.  For more information, just visit Annie Lang's Book Store and have a sunny day!