Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Make a kid's stand with a few basic supplies and a little imagination!
One of my summer project objectives was to turn a battered hand-me down puppet stand into a functional play booth for my toddler granddaughter.

1.  The first order of business was to cut off the mildew stained curtain from the "stage" before painting over the hideous circus themed artwork covering the stand. Fortunately, I had some leftover blue wall paint which I used to cover all sides of the booth surfaces.
2.  Since I wanted the stand to be multi-functional, I decided to use a "chalkboard" contact paper sign at the top of the booth so that it could easily be changed for multiple creative scenarios.
3.  Finally, I thought it needed a shelf "stage".  I sealed the sides of a large, empty Whitman Sampler candy box with black duct tape.  I covered the printed top of the box with more of the contact paper and the box fit perfectly inside the cutout opening!

Since many of you don't have hand-me down stands on hand to start making a booth of your own, I've included the measurements of my completed stand in the photo for you.  Of course, if you can get your hands on a large sturdy box, it would work ideally for this project with less work involved.

With the finished booth, kids can use it as a puppet show stage, photo booth, lemonade stand, bank teller window, movie house popcorn booth, grocery store cashier checkout or even for handing out Psychiatric Advice like Lucy did in the Peanuts cartoons!
The sky's the limit when you make a stand ...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Just like the summer itself, some of the seasonal t-shirt designs are getting ready to retire as September will soon be here.  New limited edition t-shirt designs will be making their debut at the end of the month and Annie Lang's summer shirts will soon disappear.  Drop by Annie Lang's T-shirt Store today before the summer smiles get away!

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