Big Changes...New Chapter!

A special advanced announcement that Annie Lang will be retiring soon and Annie Things Possible will be closing

It's been 38 years since I first decided to take a journey on a creative career path that did indeed make Annie Things Possible in ways that I never could have imagined.  I have been so very blessed to have met so  so many friends and creative kindred spirits along the way to help inspire and guide me  through the many ups and downs of my journey.  I will be forever grateful for their encouragement, support and much needed advice and know that it is they who have made Annie Things Possible through all these years.  It has been nothing short of amazing to watch 3 generations of artisans follow in the footsteps of our collective creative community who now share their own talents, ideas and enthusiasm of the arts with all of us. It's now been decided that the time is right to retire my own entrepreneurial ventures and move on to yet another chapter which I hope includes more time with my family, fun excursions, time in my garden and to simply enjoy every minute of life's unexpected moments.  Change has always been difficult for me but it is with a happy heart that I look forward to starting this new chapter in my life with smiles, laughter, enthusiasm and joy.  

In order to give you advanced notice of my Annie Things Possible retirement, I hope you'll find the information below helpful should you wish to order any available products before the deadline date when they are scheduled for closing. 

AUGUST 31, 2024

Annie Lang is retiring all versions of downloadable craft, painting and line art pattern .pdf publications before Annie Things Possible closes in August 2024
NOTE: All .pdf book editions are copyrighted (C) Annie Lang and were only made available for sale directly through me on my Annie Things Possible website.  Resale and distribution of the files have always been strictly prohibited.  If you if you happen upon a site offering them for sale or for free download, know that they are unauthorized pirated copies and in violation of Copyright Law. You can use this Discount Code when you download these printable publications during checkout!
Use Annie Lang's Coupon Code: Annie10off at the checkout for .pdf book publications at

  PLEASE NOTE THAT Annie Lang's 
Find all of Annie Lang's paperback books and e-books from KDP Amazon with book trailers on YouTube Channel

Amazon KDP is the publisher of all paperback and e-book editions of my Storybooks, Crafting and Line Art Pattern books and will remain available for sale through Amazon even after Annie Things Possible closes.  You'll always be able to find available KDP publication book titles on my Amazon Author's Page  Some of these publications were published as CREATESPACE on demand service for self publishers through Amazon.  In 2018, Createspace merged with and are now known as Amazon KDP.  My independently published title publications date from 2014 thru 2021 with no plans to add future titles. You'll find all book trailers of current KDP publications if you want to see what's in the books before you buy available on Annie Lang's YouTube Channel.   

Annie Lang Brand Merchandise on Amazon Prime will no longer be made available after August 31, 2024

AMAZON Annie Lang Brand Merchandise was originally accepted to the Amazon Merchant On Demand Program years ago as companion products featuring many of my book characters.  My branded Amazon Prime merchandise will no longer be available after August 31, 2024.

Annie Lang's digital clip art, prints, fonts and line art collections hosted by Creative Market will no longer be available after August 31, 2024

Since 2017, Creative Market has been hosting all licensed Annie Lang digital art clip art, fonts, prints, line art, prints and graphics art along with usage licenses for each of the downloadable collections.  PLEASE NOTE that all purchased Annie Lang licenses will remain in effect as noted on the terms posted on their website.  License Use Terms for ALL digital rights included with your downloaded purchase made prior to 2017 are no longer in effect unless you have written licensing rights documentation that was hand signed and dated by both yourself and Annie Lang. Creative Market has always offer several license options that were chosen by the purchaser and included during the sale of the product.  Visit their in depth information page about your Creative Market Licenses HERE.  All licensed purchases you have downloaded  from Creative Market remain in effect as outlined in their licensing policy, even after my store closes on August 31, 2024.      

Annie Lang's announcement that Annie Things Possible website, blog and Pinterest pages closing September 15, 2024

SEPTEMBER 15, 2024

Annie Lang's Pinterest Page, Annie Lang's BLOG and Annie Things Possible Website will all be closed by September 15, 2024.

All my sites listed above host downloadable files and links.  If you wish to download any free DIY projects from these sites for personal use, you'll need to plan to do this before the September 15th deadline date.  Remember...all posted projects are copyright claimed by Annie Lang for Personal Use Only and not for Resale!


Even when my Annie Things Possible website closes, I plan to still remain actively engaged as a freelance artist with two of my most favorite passions...card designs and fabric designing. You'll find both Greeting Card Universe and Spoonflower shops hosting "Annie Lang" shops where you can easily purchase directly from their sites.  You'll also find available paperback and e-books my Amazon Author's Page and book trailers on my YouTube Channel  

You can find Annie Lang's art on Greeting Card Universe greeting cards!

Find Annie Lang's art on Spoonflower fabric designs!

Keep in Touch with Annie Lang through her Facebook page!
I have a personal Facebook page that I use daily to keep track of friends, family and my fellow artisans.  I post ONLY happy thoughts, share my seasonal photos along with all the fun and notable place I visit.  I also truly enjoy seeing all the amazing projects and inspiring artwork my friends post on the site.  I NEVER post or share controversial issue messages, anything political, violent, or what I consider as  inappropriate content.  I carefully screen my friendships and immediately block those as I feel necessary.  All my postings can be freely shared with others on Facebook and may still be marked with the (C) Annie Lang watermark. This is the place I use to share my daily smiles and admire the many fun posts my friends share with me there.  I hope you'll join me! 

Annie Lang is retiring because Life is an Adventure!

Once all my stores are officially closed, retirement begins!  I'd like to thank EVERYONE for the many years of support, encouragement and inspiration I have enjoyed throughout my career as an artist.  
Annie Thing IS Possible because of YOU!