Fun is In the Cards!

Annie Lang's greeting cards from Greeting Card Universe because Annie Things Possible when greeted with a smile!
During the pandemic when in-store shopping was not an option, many discovered that the convenience of browsing and ordering greeting cards online was a less expensive and more enjoyable experience.   I've been creating greeting cards through Greeting Card Universe since 2015 and recently added more than a dozen new cards for 2024.  It's still exciting to be able to send my cards to friends and family and see my art so professionally reproduced on greeting cards.  It took a while to understand the card designing process but the helpful GCU team patiently helped me through the many scripting, classifying and problematic image issues that often came up during the submission procedure.  As a result, I've gradually become a better artist and more able to identify designing flaws that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

If you have never ordered online greeting cards through Greeting Card Universe, you can watch their video to see for yourself as to just how easy it is.  You can also subscribe to their YouTube Channel for updated information.  I hope you'll check out this amazing service and enjoy the works of so many talented independent artists.