Growing Inspirations

Annie Lang's  Inspirations to make your creative garden grow because Annie Things Possible in the garden!

There's nothing better than watching life grow when you plant a garden!  Whether it's a few flowers in the window box, a patio filled with blooming  pots or raised beds filled with home grown vegetables, a day in the garden is time well spent.  Here a just a few inspirational ideas to make your garden creatively grow.  I've gathered together a few of my former BLOG posts in case you've missed them... Happy Gardening!

How To Make a Garden Hat free project by Annie Lang because annie Things Possible in the garden!
These hats were a home dec "crafting rage" in the 80's and now they're back!
Spring Garden Inspirations by Annie Lang because Mother Nature make Annie Things Possible!
Check out these great ideas to use for creating your own novelty garden accessories!  
How to decorate a planter box with Annie Lang's wooden Flower Swag because Annie Things Possible!
Use painted woodlets and a little adhesive to brighten up any garden pot!
Fill your day with Annie Lang's Funshine Sunshine because Annie Lings Possible with Sunny Smiles!
Here's a simple but fun collection of merchandise to brighten up your "Gardening Days"!
Let's Get Growing in the Garden with Annie Lang because Annie Things Possible when you grow it yourself
You can easily make and fill your own seed packages for fun gifts or profit!
Find out what's going on in the garden today with this fun publication!