Home is where you hang your hat so here's how you can jazz up an old straw hat in no time at all with items you may already have on hand!  The pictured project was made with a straw beach hat I had tucked in a closet and had long forgotten.  The silk flowers were purchased off season at a local department store and I used a cardboard ring cut from a shipping box to attach them to the hat.  You can attach the flowers right onto the hat, but if you want to easily change them out with seasonal colors, you can simply remove the cardboard ring and use the same hat all year around.  Whether you hang it on the door, wall or garden fence you'll find this craft quick, easy and so very fun to make.  This is a project that's been around crafting circles for decades so it's absolutely timeless!  Enjoy...
SUPPLIES:  You'll need a straw hat, silk flowers and leaves with stems removed, cardboard cut into a wide ring to glue flowers to (optional), glue gun, ribbon color of your choice and scissors. 
Slip the cardboard ring over the hat crown so it fits snugly
Before attaching silk flower heads to the cardboard, arrange them as you please around the hat crown and then secure them in place using a glue gun.  Apply the glue to the cardboard or directly onto the hat and then press flowers in place.
Tuck some leaves between the flowers here and there as you wish.  Some may need to be cut to size using scissors.  Again, you should apply glue to the cardboard or hat and then press the leaves securely in place.  
Once the flowers are attached, tie ribbon into a simple french bow and glue to the hat.  A single flower head with leaves can then be attached to the center of the bow knot.  Tuck the tails of the bow under some the flowers and your hat is ready for hanging!