Paint a Wooden Flower Swag!

Annie Lang's step by step how-to instructions for wooden flower swag painting project to brighten your world

Here's a fun and easy way to brighten up both your world and your day with painted wooden Flower Swags!  You don't need to be a decorative painter to make these fun little flowers in only a few hours or less.  All you need are some craft paints, brushes and glue and then use the finished painted items to decorate and embellish all kinds of items for your home or friends.  Enjoy this step by step tutorial along with a few ideas to get you inspired.  Happy Crafting!

These Four Flower Swag Pieces from Craft Dealz are needed for Annie Lang's wooden flower painting project

Follow Annie Lang's step by step project instructions to paint wooden swag flowers from

Annie Lang shows you how to dress up kitchen appliances with painted wooden flowers from Craft Dealz

See Annie Lang's painted wooden flower swag centerpiece and basket handle finished projects.

Annie Lang shows you how to decorate a Fairy Garden Tea Table with painted wooden flower swags