Thankfully Autumn DIY Idea!

Thankfully Autumn home decorating idea from Annie Lang  using repurposed greeting cards and craft items because Annie Things Possible in Fall

With the household budget so tight this year, I decided to use only the stored autumn decorating items I have on hand instead of purchasing anything new.  The planter used for this photo was simply 2 stacked paper mache pumpkins glued to a plain wooden box.  All it took to spruce it up for use this year were a few leaves snipped from a fall garland, a seasonal greeting card front and a little glue.  I may even add a strand of fairy lights later!  If you like the greeting card I chose to use, you can find it along with many others suitable for Autumn decorating from September through the Thanksgiving season.  I think I also might try this with a few silk poinsettias and small fake evergreens for my Christmas decorating, too!