Tuesday, March 14, 2017


You can make this fun printable project in no time at all!

Create Fun Little Ears for Elves, Leprechauns and Attentive Little Readers! 
If you're looking for a quick, easy and really fun project, you can print and assemble this project in no time at all!
Originally designed as a classroom storytelling prop for my Elf books reading sessions, this project can easily be used to create Leprechaun Ears for St. Patrick's Day or used as a Halloween costume accessory.

Here's how to make Leprechaun Ears like the ones Little Emma is modelling for us in the sample photo...

1.  Right click the project page below and save it to your computer.
2.  Print the page.  Apply double sided adhesive to the back of the
     page before cutting them out.
3.  To insure the printer ink won't bleed if the ears happened to get wet,
     lightly mist with clear sealer or cover them with laminate or clear
     Contact(R) paper.
4.  Apply double sided adhesive to the back of the page before cutting.
5.  Assemble and finish the headband as instructed

Hope you Enjoy your Lucky Listening Ears!!!
*If you'd like to share this project...please send your friends and family the link to this page so they can download the project sheet directly to their computer!