FREE Snow Lover's Project!

Love snow? Here's how you can make Annie Lang's Snow Lover's T-shirt

If you love the'll absolutely love making this t-shirt project!

The snow may be blowing outdoors but you can make this adorable Snow Lover's T-shirt any time of year!  The pattern was created using patterns found in "It's Snow Time" Linework Pattern Workbook.  I've reversed the linework for you so it's ready to be transferred onto the center of the t-shirt you'd like to color. Here's how I made this adorable little tee for my Granddaughter...
White t-shirt
Printout of the pattern page shown below
Black fabric transfer pen
Household iron
Cardboard to insert into the t-shirt before painting
Fabric paint and brushes or fabric markers

Use this pattern to make Annie Lang's Snowman T-shirt Project!
Left click the image and SAVE full 
size page to your computer.  Print 
image as full size 8.5"x11" paper.
Follow the project instructions! 

1.  Launder a white t-shirt before you begin
2.  Use the black transfer pen and outline the pattern design
3.  Iron the pattern design onto the tee following manufacturer's directions
4.  Color the design as desired.
NOTE:  I used DecoArt(R) So-Soft Fabric Paints to create the shirt for the sample photo as follows...

Snowman and letter tops: White with a touch of Baby Blue shading.  Blend a little Bright Pink into the cheek areas while the white paint is still wet.
Earmuffs and scarf:  Yellow Green with Green shading blended in while the paint is still wet.

Hearts:  Bright Pink shaded with Dark Rose
Lettering: Island Blue shaded with True Blue
Arms: Brown
Optional:  If you'd like to twinkle things up a bit, just brush the hearts with DecoArt So Soft Pink Spritz Fashion Sequins and the scarf, earmuffs and letters with Decoart So Soft Lime Fizz Fashion Sequins