NEW Greeting Cards for 2023

Shop Annie Lang's NEW 2023 greeting card design releases from Greeting Card Universe

 It's 2023 and Annie has just added 10 brand new greeting cards to make you smile!  Vibrantly colored art and characters with personality make these cards come alive and stand out with their cheery smiles and happy messages. If you'd like to see how the new card characters were created, drop by Annie's YouTube Channel and you'll find many of them included on the Draw Silly Characters playlist.  

You can also change the inside card verse to add your own personalized message and spend less than cards you'll find in the store aisles.  Order and send your cards from the comfort of your own home or have them mailed direct to your recipient by Greeting Card Universe.  To get more information and see all cards and available options before you order, visit Annie Lang's Card Shop today!