12 Fun Ideas for an Irish Leprechaun Party

It doesn't need to be St. Patrick's day to celebrate with Annie Lang's  lucky leprechaun party for kids ideas.
When the kids are out on Winter Break and it's too blustery and bleak for outdoor activities, we plan an indoor overnight festival to make the season fun.  We've had a Festival of Hearts, Fairy Festival and a Winter Wonderland Festival so this year we decided a Lucky Leprechaun Festival would be a fun theme to plan.  Invitations were made, treat bags were prepared and decorations went up.  The Dollar Store had plenty of gold coins, mini cauldrons, shamrock garlands, costume accessories and green tableware to choose from.  St. Patrick's Day was yet a few weeks away, but it doesn't need to be March 17 to host a party for a pair of wee little Lucky Leprechaun hooligans!  

DIY a Gnome Gift Bag for FREE with Annie Lang's downloadable Leprechaun Party Idea because Annie Things Possible when you're lucky!

To get things started, the kids spent time decorating bags to take home all their treats and prized.  You can download this FREE printable template from my home website right now and let the kids have fun embellishing their own bags with crafting supplies you have on hand.  

DIY treat bag headers, tags and party pokes for FREE with Annie Lang's downloadable printable papercraft project because Annie Things Possible when you're lucky!

Next, time was spent preparing a leprechaun poster the kids could hang and color before the party games commenced.  2 sheets of white butcher paper were taped together and I drew a character without ears or a nose for them to fill in.  The nose and ears were then cut from cardstock and a square of double sided adhesive was attached to the back of the pieces to stick on the leprechaun during the game.  "Uncle Rory" helped keep the kids busy coloring while I made Lucky Leprechaun treat bag headers, tags and character pokes.  You can download these printable project pages for FREE from my home website! 

It's easy for kids to DIY Annie Lang's Leprechaun Trap with a few treats, craft supplies and trinkets because Annie Things Possible if you're creatively lucky!

No Leprechaun Festival would be complete without a Leprechaun Trap!  I gathered craft supplies, trinkets purchased from the Dollar Store and some snacks, put everything on the table and let their creativity shine as they plotted and assembled their traps.  I was fortunate enough to find 2 mini plastic action figures that I painted up with orange beards and green "Leprechaun" suits to add to the traps after the kids were asleep.  After all, a trap wouldn't be lucky if you can't catch a leprechaun in it! 

St. Patrick's Day fun and games with flying leprechaun shamrocks, dancing Irish jigs and other fun party activities with Annie Lang because Annie Things Possible on your Lucky Day

Our Leprechaun Festival was filled with LOTS of fun, games and dancing!  Along with the crafting activities, we played "Pin the Nose and Ears on the Leprechaun", they caught flying shamrocks in buckets, they danced Irish jigs ("Rocky Road to Dublin" by the Young Dubliners was a hit!), caught dropping balloons in green derby hats, they hopped among the shamrocks, bowled down cups with a potato, swatted balloons with shamrock covered flyswatters, pulled jokes out of a hat, played "The Leprechaun Says", and then had a Shamrock table race with straws and shamrock shapes from tissue.  

St. Patrick's Day fun and games with shamrock hopping, swatting balloons, DIY board games and other fun party activities with Annie Lang because Annie Things Possible on your Lucky Day

An oversized DIY Lucky Day board game was creatively drawn up by made by our more accomplished Leprechauns using markers, a pair of dice and a plastic tablecloth.  She cleverly designed the game similar to chutes and ladders with an Irish theme!  Once the games were over, dinner and treats they had made together earlier in the day were served.  The rainbow cake was especially fun and easy.  A white box cake mix was used, divided into 4 bowl and then red, yellow, blue and green were added to the batter.  The mix was then poured one color at a time into a Bundt pan and baked according to the package directions.  A simple icing was used to glaze the finished cake.

Celebrate with a DIY Rainbow Cake and Shamrock Ice Cream Shake kids party treat recipe by Annie Lang   because Annie Things Possible if you're lucky and sweet

To make their own Shamrock Shakes from scratch, we used the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and added green food coloring to the ice cream mix.  They didn't want peppermint flavoring so we stayed with the vanilla suggested in the original recipe.  Once the ice cream was soft set, we blended it with a bit more milk and served! Here's the original  Cuisinart recipe we used before adding green food coloring.  

Celebrate with Annie Lang's party guests at their DIY Irish Lemonade Tea Party   because Annie Things Possible if when you have a party with friends!

The girls also wanted their "friends" to join the celebration so they planned and hosted their own Irish Tea Party.  They served lemonade tea they made from scratch along with enough snacks for their more than a dozen guests to enjoy!  When the day finally came to an end, the girls had a "Magic Bath" with a tub filled with bubbles and balloons surrounded by bright green lights.  They watched an enchanting movie and then turned in for the night.  In the morning, they discovered their trapped Leprechauns and treat bags before enjoying Grandpa's shamrock pancakes.  What a Lucky Leprechaun Festival Day it was and there's no better way I know of than to spend time enjoying the enchanted world of your very own real life Leprechauns... Lucky US!