Craft a Magical Snow Globe

I've never crafted my own snow globe so I thought I'd give it a try to see if it's as easy as my Pinterest research assured me it would be.   I did try using an "Instant Snow" recipe as suggested by one posted project and it was an absolute disaster!  I also learned through trial and error that using super glue to seal the jar lid works MUCH better than hot glue which tends to build up unevenly around the rim of the jar causing it to leak.  I already had most of the necessary supplies on hand and found a wide assortment of jars, smooth styrofoam balls and assorted plastic aquatics at the local Dollar Tree store.  After trying this globe project with great success, the grandkids and I are now ready to work on making "Enchanted Snow Fairy" globes using silver tinsel and a few of their figurines instead of aquatic themed trinkets.  This is most definitely a project the entire family will enjoy making any time of year.  Give it a try and enjoy!