Wood Slice Crafting Ideas

Creative ideas by Annie Lang for what you can craft with unfinished small wood slice rounds.
There are so many fun things you can make with wood slice rounds and the possibilities are simply endless!  Here are just a few items I made for my seasonal Fall, Winter Holiday and Fairy Garden decor to get you started on your own creative adventures.  I recommend you lightly sand and apply wood sealer to both sides of the wood slices before you begin your projects.  Not only will it help preserve the wood, but it also helps prevent paint from bleeding when it hits the porous surface.  The wood is usually soft which makes it quite easy to drill holes for inserting hangers.   Enjoy!
Craft Annie Lang's Autumn Harvest Bottle Tag with a 3"-3.5" wood slice round disc

Annie Lang's sunflower votive coaster crafted from a 3"-3.5" unfinished wood slice for an easy seasonal decor accent

Annie Lang's idea for crafting a fun Fall home accent for a fairy garden or seasonal decor with moss, bird's nest and unfinished wood slice.

Use Annie Lang's wood slice bouquet sconce idea to craft a home accent for any season!

Annie Lang's Wood Slice Bottle Tag craft project make a perfect hostess or thank you gift!

Annie Lang's winter holiday peace dove craft sits on top an evergreen branch, pine cones and a wood slice round disc base.

Annie Lang's painted Snowy Barn unfinished wood slice FREE project

Simply trace and transfer the lineart pattern design onto a 3-3.5" unfinished wood slice disc
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