Something's Fishy but it's FREE!

Jazz up plastic drinkware in minutes with Annie Lang's Somethings Fishy character art FREE pattern and paint pens because Annie Things Possible!
Here's a quick and easy way to jazz up your warm weather plastic drinkware items!  All you need are paint pens and anyone can finish this project in no time at all.  My pictured sample was painted on clear plastic items I use for summertime entertaining.  I lightly sand areas that will be painted before I begin so I can lightly draw the artwork in pencil as my guide but you can also skip the drawing and jump right into freestlye painting if you choose.  The paint pens I use are waterproof, opaque and dry quickly.  I just color in the areas with a medium tip pen and then outline with a black pen.  Once the drinkware is finished, it can be washed by hand using soap and water as it will not hold up well if you put it in your automatic dishwasher.  I've added the link to the paint pens I use and since they're good on nearly all outdoor projects, they get a lot of use around here!  Below you'll find the full size color character art pattern I used to complete the sample project.  Just right click the image, download to your computer and enjoy!
NOTE: Here's the link to the Paint Pens I use often.

Annie Lang's Free Something's Fishy Character Art Craft and painting Pattern because Annie Things Possible!