Wednesday, June 7, 2017


You'll find this Silly book at

When I wrote this book, I never could have imagined just how much fun a silly book could be until my granddaughter turned 3.  Now that "Are You My Mother?" and a "Super Silly Alphabet" have run their course, "Now That's Just Silly!" has won her over with giggles and laughter.  At any given time, she'll point out the "speck on her neck" or the "bee on her knee" and we eventually end up with tickles and hugs.  If you've not yet discovered this fun little storybook with your toddler, check it out and ENJOY!
Watch Annie Lang draw a silly character
Though we're still working on creating shapes and exploring colors with crayons, paint and coloring pencils, I hope to eventually introduce little Maryann to the world of digital character drawing.  She's already practicing with her tablet apps so I suspect she'll already have some of the "basics" down before we try it on the big computer screen.  Every day is a truly a new creative adventure and half the fun of creating anything we make is sharing it with others. Happy drawing!