What's in YOUR Mug today?

 Annie Lang's has designer mugs and dozens of ideas for functional inspiration and upcycling because Annie Things Possible!

I've recently decluttered my kitchen cabinets, stashed my holiday mugs away for the season and replaced those that had seen better days.  Of course, I'll be upcycling my unused mugs to hold my loose coins in the laundry room, fill them up with art brushes, pens, battery candles, pens, cosmetic brushes and pencils, etc.  I'll also use them scooping kitty litter, sidewalk salt and snack mixes.  Mugs also make great containers for starting my indoor herb plants and creating small decorative dried and silk plant arrangements.  I use upcycled mugs to hold sugar packets, coffee stirs, plastic tableware and napkins for my kitchen coffee station counter. I saved back a few of the plain color mugs for crafting ModPodge projects with the grandkids.  With all the cabinets decluttered, I now have room to add some of my newer designer mugs which will be filled with both coffee and inspiration so I can start each day with a smile! So, what's in YOUR mug today?