Draw It Silly with 44 NEW Line Art Patterns!


Download Annie Lang's Draw It Silly character line art patterns and watch on YouTube

Drawing it silly never been more fun!  You'll find 44 delightful character line art pattern pages that can be used to follow along with Annie's Draw It Silly YouTube Channel videos.  You can easily import the art to your image editor and color the designs digitally OR simply use the patterns to trace, transfer and create traditionally as you would with any other line art pattern.  Each character page has line art and color sample guide if needed.  This "Draw It Silly" publication is only available in printable .pdf format which you can order and immediately download through Annie Things Possible. 

Make sure you check out all the book character "Draw It Silly" video series posted on Annie's YouTube Channel.  You'll see how each and every image created by Annie Lang has been digitally hand rendered and then colored.  The characters have been used for storybook illustrations, fabric prints, clipart collections, line art books, manufactured goods, greeting cards and more.  Please feel free to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and you'll be drawing silly in no time at all!