Creative Adventures Ahead!

Creative Adventures begin with a smile and Annie Lang's art because Annie Things Possible when you create it from the heart
With the flip of a calendar page, a New Year begins!  I stopped making resolutions a few years ago because like a gerbil on a wheel, I seem to end up where I started on the same wheel a year later. Instead, I'm opting to TRY to make a more workable lifestyle plan and see where it takes me.  This year I hope to step back and rediscover my joy of landscape painting, crafting useful and decorative treasures for my home and friends and to spend more time sharing the many tips, tricks and line art patterns I've discovered during my 40 year journey of creative adventures.  

YouTube and Pinterest have long replaced the magazines, books and televised shows that inspired and taught me how to follow the creative arts path I've chosen.  From the moment Priscilla Hauser, Aleen Jackson, Carol Duvall, Susan Scheewe, Gary and Kathwren Jenkins, Ken Brown, Bill Alexander, Bob Ross and Nancy Zieman first appeared on my tv set, my imagination was set in motion and I knew where my heart would take me.  I am so very thankful these early promoters of the creative arts shared their enthusiasm, talents and knowledge with us so that we may encourage and inspire yet another generation of artisans.  

Annie Lang's Follow You Heart and Make It your Art because Annie Things Possible when your create

So as another year passes, always remember that whatever creative challenge you take on, follow your heart and make it your art...and don't forget to smile and then pass it along!