Welcome 2022!


Annie Lang's New Year's Baby character because Annie Things Possible in 2022
2021 has passed and a brand new 2022 is about to unfold.  It's been quite difficult for many of us to remain positive and upbeat over these past few years, but the greatest change I've seen is the resurgence of our creative spirits.  One only needs to observe the number of growing  Pinterest posts, blogs, online tutorials and blossoming entrepreneurial online stores to inspire, teach and introduce us to new skills we may never have discovered.  Everything from new recipes, home decorating, painting, gardening, handcrafts, digital designing and more are at our fingertips and just waiting to be explored.  Not all projects turn out like the experts show us, but the true joy comes from trying something that is a little out of our comfort zone and seeing what may happen.  So instead of making New Year's resolutions (which are usually tossed aside within a few weeks!), let's create our own adventures and make something creative happen.  Who knows, you just might discover a new hidden talent.  I'm still working on the "culinary arts" thing, but I'm sure I'll eventually find a recipe that turns out somewhat similar to what it's supposed to look like!  Happy New Year, everyone