Holiday Shipping Changes are Here!

How new Holiday shipping and USPS changes will affect shoppers this year.

 As we get ready for the upcoming holiday season, you will likely be impacted by  the most recent and significant changes with United States Post Office mail and package deliveries.

First and foremost is the cost of a postage stamp which is now set at .58 to mail standard size cards and letters.  This will affect those of us sending out holiday greeting cards to friends and loved ones.  I recently went to USPS online and ordered a roll of stamps and also noticed a $2 handling charge was added to the cost of having it delivered.  Since standing in long lines at the local Post Office for stamps is not an option I'd enjoy, the handling charge is a simple tradeoff for me.  

How new Holiday shipping and USPS changes will affect shoppers this year.
The most widespread change will affect first-class mail (letters, small packages, bills, and tax documents). Prior to the changes, customers throughout the US could expect first-class mail to reach its destination in one to three days but now that timeframe will extend to between one and five days.  USPS said most first-class mail, about 70%, will still arrive in under three days. The delays will mostly affect pieces of mail that have to go farther, especially to and from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories.  It is expected that states in the rural and Western U.S. could be the hardest hit by delays, while the Midwest and East Coast may see less of an impact.

Temporary price increases take effect between October 3 and December 26, during USPS’s peak holiday delivery season, with package prices increasing as much as $1.

You may want to mark your calendar with this 2021 Holiday USPS Shipping Deadlines advisory if you are expecting your greeting card mail to arrive at their destinations on time.

Dec. 17 is the deadline for First-Class Mail service (including greeting cards).

The busiest time of the season for the Postal Service begins two weeks before Christmas. It’s expected that customer traffic at all Post Office locations will steadily increase beginning the week of Dec. 6, with the week of Dec. 13-18 anticipated to be the busiest mailing, shipping and delivery week of the season.

How will these changes affect Annie Things Possible holiday greeting card, books and merchandise orders?

How USPS changes will affect greeting card orders from Greeting Card Universe this year.

Greeting cards ordered from Greeting Card Universe...

There is no change in card pricing with the exception of the mail direct to recipient option where the change in postage adds a few cents to the cost.  Since this is a print on demand service, mailing delays are likely so order early! Expect to add a few extra days for processing, printing and shipping. 

How USPS changes will affect Annie Lang's book and merchandise orders for Amazon print on demand items

Printed storybooks, line art pattern books & merchandise from Amazon:

This is also a print on demand service so order early to allow for processing time!  Prime members will get free shipping rates.  Ordered items can also be directly mailed to recipients without additional costs.  All printable .pdf book editions ordered directly from Annie Lang's Books online are available immediately after your order has been processed. 

How USPS changes will affect Annie Lang's fabrics and merchandise orders for Spoonflower print on demand items
 Fabrics and merchandise from Spoonflower

Unless there is a free shipping promotion in effect, shipping costs will reflect current rates for the options you choose.  Expect at least 10 days for your order to be processed and custom printed.  Add the additional new shipping timeframes and I suggest you place your order by Thanksgiving to allow your order to arrive and time for you to create your holiday items.  

How USPS changes will affect Annie Lang brand merchandise print on demand items processed by RedBubble
Merchandise from RedBubble

Order EARLY!  This is a global print on demand service with a head office located in San Francisco, CA.  Most US ordered items are printed and shipped by 3rd-party printers within a week of the order being placed, but factor in the holiday shipping delays and we're probably talking 10 days to 2 weeks for your order to arrive on your doorstep.  I've always experienced good service in years past but this year may prove to be anyone's lucky guess!

The good news this year is USPS changes will NOT affect ordering and delivery of Annie Lang digital product items processed by Creative Market

Digital goods from Creative Market

There are absolutely no additional charges or shipping delays for any "Annie Lang" digital goods and assets!  Orders are made available immediately after your orders are place and processed.  That's good news for creatives!

Planning Ahead and Moving Forward

For the past week or so, nationwide media news sources have reported warnings that the 2021 will be impacted by travel chaos, extreme shortages, inflated consumer price costs, and devastating delivery delays.  Though I do expect delivery delays and price hikes this holiday shopping season (like EVERY year at this time!), I'm optimistic that reports of a "devastating" Holiday season for the average consumer are more about "the sky is falling" drama and will be long forgotten after December 31 when the media looks for more exciting news to share!  Most of us will prepare for and work around any obstacles when it comes to celebrating Christmas!  

As for my own household, gifts for the grandkids were purchased over the summer months as I usually do each year.  Handcrafted gift projects are ongoing throughout the season and will be ready by Christmas Eve.  We hope to once again gather our family together to enjoy a Christmas feast, watch the kids open gifts and we'll then retire to the living room to watch our family "Year in Review" with laughter and smiles.  We're looking forward to a most wonderful 2021 Holiday Season this year and I hope you are, too!