Guess What I Heard Today?

Guess What I Heard Today childrens storybook written and illustrated by Annie Lang
It started out as a beautiful day in the garden until the chatter got a bit out of control!  Find out how all the commotion unexpectedly turns this peaceful garden all topsy-turvy as the news of the day quickly spreads throughout this delightfully illustrated children's book.

Young readers will quickly engage with vividly detailed characters and imagery as the story unfolds in the garden.   It's a timeless tale of human nature and our need to socially share everything we hear with others.  As is often the case in real life, what starts as a simple observation quickly can turn into a most ridiculous misunderstanding.   "Guess What I Heard Today" is a terrific "read it together"  publication that encourages discussion about how we communicate.

Sample page from "Guess What I Heard Today children's storybook by Annie Lang

Decades ago, my first grade teacher had the class sit in a circle, whisper a sentence into the ear of the student beside us as we passed our "secret sentence" from person to person.  We were totally amazed when the last person in the circle revealed a statement that in no way resembled the original message.  This is a fun way to teach for kids of all ages who are now engaged in so many social media circles.  It pleases me to know that this lesson in communication continues in many classrooms today.  It's also a great party game that usually ends in plenty of giggles! 

I hope you enjoy this publication and you can find this storybook and more at Annie Lang's Books