NEW Children's Book!

New Children's Book title by Annie Lang " I Found It So I'll Keep It" NOW AVAILABLE at Annie Lang's Book Store!
 "I Found It So I'll Keep It!" is a fun children's story filled with vividly colored whimsical characters with easy to read text for young readers that will keep them engaged with each turn of the page.  Doug the Bug takes a walk and discovers a few lost treasures along the way.  He will eventually face a social and moral challenge as to whether or not he should return lost items to their owners or keep them for himself.  It's a simple life lesson in decision making that we all face from time to time presented in a way that demonstrates that the value of making the right decision can be a reward in and of itself.    This is a great read-it-together book that is sure to spark some very interesting home conversations with inquisitive youngsters. 

You can find ordering and book detail page at my Book Store.  Feel free to share this post with your friends and family and I hope you'll ENJOY!