Make it a Lucky Day!

Download Annie Lang's FREE line art pattern to make this lucky leprechaun character because Annie Things Possible.

Download this free "Mr. Lucky" character line art pattern and make this your lucky day!  This design was originally hand painted as a calendar art project and it's a timeless image guaranteed to make you smile.  I transferred the design onto tracing paper, placed the tracing over a sheet of graphite paper and then transferred it onto a sheet of Acrylic Paper.  The entire design was colored using acrylic craft paints that were thinned with water to create this sample project.  

Acrylic Paper by Daler Rowney was used to create Annie Lang's sample project

Here's an expanded view of the paper used to paint this sample project.  I've use this acrylic paper for years with all types of mediums including watercolor brushes, markers, inks, gouache, tempera and tube acrylics.  This paper has a smooth linen weave finish and canvas-like texture that grabs the medium and holds the vibrancy of your colors.  It's a quality heavy weight paper that doesn't bleed through to the backing and best of all, doesn't curl when wet!  I seems a bit pricey until you work with it and it's often hard to find in stock locally.  However, I've found it online with free delivery to the US and when priced against alternative surfaces, $1.30 per sheet is more than reasonable for paper of this quality.  

Annie Lang shows you how easy it is to use trace and transfer line art patterns for your craft projects.

Never used trace and transfer method with line art patterns?  Just watch and see for yourself how easy it is  Enjoy your FREE line art pattern now because Annie Things Possible when luck is with you!