Craft a Musical Paper Mache Cottage

Here's an enchanting project that will fill the air with a music box tune!  I designed this paper mache music box as a fairy garden collectible with my granddaughters in mind and I can't wait for them to add it to their rapidly expanding fairy village.  The project requires only a few basic craft supplies along with a paper mache house and wind-up music box.  The paper mache house was easy to find locally, but you can also order it online from Amazon.  However, I had quite a difficult time locating wind-up music boxes at a reasonable price and finally stumbled onto an online source with fast service, good prices and easy ordering at Glaser Ceramics .  I ordered several and mix and matched the tunes in the event I want to paint another Enchanting Musical Cottage for the Holidays.  So grab your brushes and get ready to create your own magical cottage and fill your days with a happy tune.  Enjoy!