You've got to Believe in your Elf!

It's been a very different Christmas season this year without the annual school Christmas plays, office parties and the traditional family gatherings we so look  forward to each and every holiday.  My nephew's wife recently posted an endearing photo of their boys in their holiday jammies, reading my elf book and enjoying this most magical season.  It's truly a heartwarming treasure and a reminder that Christmas really does lie within the heart of every child.

The one holiday event I most enjoy are my classroom visits to local elementary schools where we all read "A Little Elf Upon a Shelf".  Each student gets their own set of "Elf Listening Ears" and when the story is done, we make a fun holiday craft and get our pictures taken by the teacher.  Nothing stirs the Christmas spirit when one is surrounded by hearts that truly believe in the magic!  

You can easily make your own set of papercrafted holiday Elf ears ... just click the image and download it right now for FREE from my website. 

Thankfully, my Little Elf Upon a Shelf book are still available in both paperback and Kindle editions if you don't already have a copy.  You can also watch my narrated Read It Together version for FREE from my YouTube Channel on your computer, tv or any other streaming device. 

So go ahead and make it an Elf playdate this year and always remember to Believe in Your Elf!