Upcycled Frappucino Bottle Ideas

Craft Annie Lang's Birch Bark and Moss embellished upcycled frappucino bottles

Ready to have more fun upcycling your frappucino bottles?  I recently had a crafting day with my daughter-in-law and here are 2 more quick and easy ideas we came up with.  I prepared the bottles in advance and you can click here to see how in case you missed my previous project post.  The only difference is that I basecoated with white craft paint and left it at that.  I absolutely LOVE crafting with bark paper but it can be difficult to find.  Here are a few sources you can try if you can't find them locally or from a floral supplier.  For the sample project, I used this textured bark wrap  and it's amazing for Fairy Garden and Nature crafts as well.  You can also substitute with Birch Bark Paper Garland or faux Mossy Bark Wrap.    Green Moss rolls are much easier to find and I use a lot of it for a variety of floral home and garden projects.  So go ahead and Wrap That Frappe!

Craft a painted and embellished upcycled frappucino bottle with vinyl text cutout by Annie Lang
You can trace, transfer and handpaint the seasonally themed frappucino bottle lettering or simply import this text design into your vinyl machine cutter software program.  Enjoy, because it IS Fall after all! 
Annie Lang's It's Fall text for vinyl machine cutting image on upcycled frappucino bottle