They're Fairy NEW!

Find all the new fairy garden themed character art by Annie Lang at Creative market

At long last, I finally added the finishing touches on a new collection of magical characters I've been working on since spring.  I'm so happy to finally introduce 91 new design images that are sure to both amuse and enchant your imagination as much as they have mine!  The line art patterns for many of the characters will soon be made available so you can color and paint them any way you like on nearly any creative surface.  I'll be announcing the book release as soon as it's approved by the publisher so with a little luck, that will happen sometime this month.  In the meantime, please enjoy all the garden and woodland magic as these whimsical little characters flutter and giggle their way into your heart.  They might even find their way into an illustrated Children's storybook because as we all know, Annie Things Possible if you're a magical fairy!  You'll find all the new downloadable Fairy Collection clipart designs right now at Creative Market.  Enjoy!