BumbleBee Tea for FREE

You can download the FREE lineart patterns and full page color guides to make Annie Lang's BumbleBee Tea craft projects because Annie Things Possible!
Here's one of my favorite designs that can be crafted on nearly any surface imaginable.  Whether you're a decorative painter, glass painter, papercrafter or artisan hobbyist, you'll bee delighted with the results of whatever project you use it for!  Included are both line art patterns and full color designs to use "as is" or as a painting guide.  CLICK HERE to view a quick video if you need to find out how to trace and transfer lineart patterns.  Need a white ceramic teapot to paint? Here's one I found that's similar in size to the sample featured in the photo.  Enjoy your bumblebee tea!
Download the full project from my DIY page for FREE and get started right away.  Enjoy your bumblebee tea!