Sending Cheery Thoughts

Annie Lang will help you send a smile along with a hug with positive thoughts greeting cards sent directly to your recipient
These are strange times indeed and many of us are feeling a little down due to limited travel and lack of personal contact with friends and family.  Easily cheer someone up today by sending them an uplifting card and best of all, you don't need to leave your home to do it!  Just have the card mailed direct and it will be sent via the mail the next day.  I've sent direct cards from both Greeting Card Universe and Signed Cards and they always arrive in the recipient's mailbox exactly as promised.  You'll find both ordering options available on my website and all cards are high quality 5"x7" glossy so they can even be framed! 

Hopefully, these times will pass more quickly if we all keep a positive outlook and look for the rainbows behind all the clouds.  Smiles and Hugs to All.