Annie Lang's Autumn Kids clipart collection is available at Creative Market because Annie Things Possible!

It's been a terrific summer and the kids have headed back to school.  That means it's time to pack up the "summer stuff" and get started on those autumn projects!  Annie's Autumn Kids have gathered up their gear to prepare for all the fall chores ahead.  You'll find some fun clipart and fall prints ready and waiting for you to download right now through Annie Lang's Creative Market store.  Making items to sell at the local craft store, your online retail store, machine embroidery items, print on demand merchandise and more?  You can get a license to suit your needs when you make your digital art purchase.  Feel free to send to the link to photo of your posted projects ... I absolutely LOVE sharing them on my social media sites.  Need line art patterns or downloadable printable projects?  You'll find them all at Annie Things Possible!  So go ahead and let's make something creative today.