With only a few more weeks left until our family Medieval's time to get the signs and decorations ready to welcome our guests and set the stage. Whether you're planning a Medieval themed Birthday party, Game of Thrones gathering, Medieval Faire or a themed "Knight" Out celebration, you'll love some of the signage and decorations I've put together into a printable Medieval Party Decorations collection for you.

You can download Annie Lang's Medieval Party Decorating book and start making your signs and decorations NOW!

I will also be creating a Royal Throne near the Photo Booth area just prior to party day.  I've seen some very elaborate creations out there on YouTube, but because photos will be taken near our pool area, I need a throne that's waterproof. As a solution, I decided to use our wrought iron park bench which will seat 2-3 people at a time. Since I do not have red seat cushions, I'll simply wrap the ones I have with a red plastic tablecloth.  You can also use a red fleece blanket, but mine is packed away for the summer so I'll just stick with my "Plan A"!  I'll be using pennant flags attached to bamboo skewer sticks and tall bamboo garden poles to line the fence and walkways in the yard.  I've got 25 banners made and ready to go as they'll be perfect for dangling from the backs of our lawn chairs, hanging above the buffet table and decorating the fence between the pennants.  As per the buffet table, I'll be skirting the tables with red and then adding the alternate black and purple plastic tablecloths I got for $1.00 each at the Dollar Store.  I've already made my castle snack server box and other tabletop necessities (find the instructions/patterns for FREE here) so I'm pretty well set with my decorating tasks and shouldn't be too overwhelmed on party day.

Make your own invitations and flyers downloading Annie Lang's Medieval Clipart

Since our family party is planned a year in advance, we do not send out invitations.  Instead, I make up an invitation flyer with all the info and post it on our private social media group page.  Our flyers are made using my Medieval clipart images and then posted to the group.  You can do the same to either create your mailable invitations or simply message your guests with the invitation image you made from the clipart.

We'll be working on costumes next, so check back in another week or so for even more fun Medieval Party Ideas!