Tuesday, July 18, 2017


See how Annie Lang draws a digital character in this YouTube video!  https://youtu.be/jtA1ChhOs1o

If you've ever wondered how I make my sketches into digital art, just watch this video to see how I do it!    When it come to artwork, I know "There's an App for that!" out there.  Most will take your sketch and instantly render it into line art or finished color art, but let's face it...there's very little challenge in only needing to know how to click a button when it comes to creativity, developing our skills and making something to call our very own.
In the upcoming months, I'll have lots more "Let's Draw" character art videos to keep you creatively inspired.  You can subscribe to my Annie Lang Art YouTube channel so you won't miss a single new video!  You can also subscribe to this BLOG which will also keep you notified of every new release.

You can use any of the art you find in my themed Line Art Pattern Books to practice your digital art sketching.  If you have the .pdf edition, simply import the art into your image editing program.  If you have softcover books, you can manually trace the line art and scan it into your program.  As per copyrights, as long as you use the art for your own personal finished work and don't lay claim to my copyrights, free share or sell the image files...we're good!
Happy Digital Drawing!