Our annual weekend Lang family gathering is still a few months off but we've already started working on some great decorating ideas to make our Medieval Themed party a memorable one!  Hosted at 2 different family homes over several days, our annual themed parties have been a mainstay family event that now includes a fourth generation of guests.  I'll be adding more ideas, templates and instructions to this BLOG page as the projects begin to materialize and I'll also post a variety of costumes snapshots and fun photos for you after the party is over.  In the meantime, enjoy these easy to make medieval party projects...


Box, paint, adhesive, sponges, 6 empty k-cups, 6 paper towel rolls, ruler, craft knife, scissors, 6 battery votive lights, corrugated cardboard, scrap cardboard for doors

After attaching, glue cardboard tubes to the box corners.  Put k-cups into the top of the tubes and then glue securely in place.  Votive tea lights will fit inside the k-cups once the castle is finished. Attach corrugated board to the front and back of the castle between the tubes.  Glue strips of corrugated to each side to help cover seam edges.

Basecoat the castle with grey paint.  Mix black and white paint to create a pale grey.

Use large sponge to tap paint over the basecoat to create a textured stone look.
Mount printed doors on cardboard, cut out and attach to castle front and back.
Right click, save and then print 2

Cover one tall box and one shorter box with stone wall backdrop paper.  I added velcro at the top of the covered tall box and inside the shorter box to hold them in place.  Velcro allows the boxes to be disassembled and used for storing party supplies afterwards.
I wanted to create functional mock "torch" lighting for the party in lieu of cardboard tube and crepe paper flame decorations.  Here's what I came up with by using my old plastic outdoor path solar lights and a piece of painted cardboard to hold it to the fence.  A battery operated votive candle fits inside the cup perfectly.  To add an extra "glow" at night, I painted the outside plastic light with glo-paint which absorbs light during the day. 
Use this template to create a fun medieval prop torch for your themed party

Design your own medieval party necessities with Annie Lang's Medieval art!

Annie Lang's quick and easy party prop for a medieval themed party

As with any large gathering where kids are involved (little and big!), the last thing you want to happen is someone getting injured.  This is a quick and easy idea to make an entire arsenal of medieval swords that won't poke anyone's eyes out or even leave a mark!  Of course you can add a decorative cuff to the handle using a paper cones, plastic cups or even some decorative strands of ribbon if you'd like.  Here's how I made this basic sword party pro:
Insert a clean, dry empty "Sunny D" bottle into the end of a paper towel tube.  
Flatten the tip of the tube and then seal the end using double sided tape or glue.
Paint the tube with metallic color of your choice.   Wrap the bottle base "handle" with duct tape.  For the sample pic, I wrapped a piece of decorative Washi tape around the sword where the tube and bottle meet.    

Make Annie Lang's medieval themed banner and pennant string
 For each banner, use 1 large sheet of standard size posterboard.  Use a ruler and scissors to create  3 hanger tabs.  Snip off each corner which can then be used to create a pennant string.  To save money, I bought the posterboard in a bulk pack of 25 at a cost of .61 each on Amazon.  For the emblem, I created a template (below), centered it on the banner and used a yardstick to mark the border.  The banner was then painted with a 1" foam brush and white craft paint.  When dry, I outlined the design with a black marker.  Tabs were folded backwards and taped to the back of the banner.  A plastic rod or wooden dowel hanger easily fits through the tabs and the banner is ready to hang.  Now...only 24 more banners to make and we're good to go!
NOTE:  Smaller banners can also be made and then hung from the back of guest chairs.

Use this template to create an emblem for a medieval party banner
Simply right click on the template design to save the full size pattern to your computer.  

Create a pennant string from posterboard clippings and masking tape.

Using the corners clipped from the banners, I decided to create some pennant strings to decorate the buffet tables.  Simply pull a length of color masking tape from the roll and place it sticky side up on your workspace.  Add pennant triangles 1 at a time to the lover edge of the tape.  Press in place and then pull the upper edge of the tape down over the pennants to create the finished string.

Make festive flag picks for your Medieval themed party!

Great for adding to party favors and making personalized drinking straws, too! 
available from the Annie Things Possible Art Store
Here's a fun and easy prop you can use for your Medieval themed party photobooth, costume accessory or wall decoration.  For this project, I started with a cat toy stick but you can use a dowel with string attached to the tip.  I painted a clean empty Sunny D bottle and a rubber "squishy" ball with black craft paint but you can use metallics if you wish.  To attach the string to the ball, just make 2 parallel snips in the top of the ball, thread the end of the string through the holes and tie.  The ball is made of soft rubber so it maintains it's shape.  Turn the painted Sunny D bottle upside down and use a craft knife to make a small "x" and then insert the end of the stick into the hole.  You can also drill a small hole into the screw on cap and insert it into the bottle "handle".  

It wouldn't be a party without some themed music, so here's a few suggestions for you. Since I want authentic sounding tracks I can use for dubbing into my home party videos, I was particularly interested in finding some royalty free soundtracks and came across Nomen Est Omen that I safely downloaded for free from their site.  I found two more albums that had upbeat tracks I could play during our "Banquet", "King's Parade" and family photo shoot.  Individual tracks can be purchased for .99 each, if you're an Amazon prime member you can download for free or you can purchase the entire album for 8.99.
by Richard Vendome has 21 tracks
Make Annie Lang's medieval themed server stand from Sunny D bottles and a box

Adding elevated tiers to the table adds interest, too!  Though I designed this stand for our Medieval themed party, it can easily be made to coordinate with any color or party theme you have in mind.  This project requires a box (I used a large chocolates box leftover from Christmas)or heavy cardboard, 4 empty clean Sunny D bottles with caps, craft paint and paper/plastic covering (pictured here with  stone wall backdrop paper
Paint all 4 bottles in the color of your choice.  To make the top of the stand, begin by removing the box lid.  Turn it upside down on your surface.  Take the cap off of a bottle and use it to trace a circle in each corner of the box. Use a craft knife to cut out the circles.  Cover the outside of the box top and bottom with decorative paper/plastic.  Snip holes in the paper where the bottle will be inserted. Attach the bottles as shown.
here's how you attach painted Sunny D bottles to create legs for your buffet server stand
Place the bottom of the box inside the box lid (it will now be the top of the tier stand).  If there is a gap between the top and bottom, you can seal it tight with craft glue (this box fit tightly together so it wasn't necessary.  Voila!  Your tier stand is sturdy, stable and ready to serve.

More fun ideas will be posted here as our party weekend nears so check back soon!