Thursday, March 16, 2017


Annie Lang shows you how to easily recycle or repurpose k-cups to create clever little hats to use for a variety of events.
If you've got K-Cups...You've Got Party Hats!
Easily recycle or repurpose your k-cups and craft them into clever little hats you can use for a variety of events. The photo sample shows a simple brim made from a round woodlet, but you can use foam, felt or cardboard if you'd like.  Use black K-Cups to make cute top hats or paint them with bright colors and add lace, beads or other trims to create adorable little bonnets!  Here's how I made the sample project...

1.  Peel the foil lid off of a used K-Cup.
2.  Remove the grounds.  You can recycle them by mixing into your garden soil!
3.  Most k-cups have an inner filter lining so just pull it off.
4.  Most of the quality coffee brand cups have a plastic strainer.  I paint them and use as craft embellishments.  They make great dimensional  "owl eyes" or flower centers when you glue gemstones or felt circles to the center hole!
5.  Apply craft glue around the top edge of the k-cup and attach it to the center of a round wood circle shape.  Let dry.
6.  Paint with the color of you choice.  You can paint a hatband if you wish.
7.  Apply decorative tape, ribbon or trim to create a colorful hatband.
8.  Attach any embellishments you'd like to suit the occasion!

Hats off you and ENJOY!
Please feel free to share your k-cup hats photos and ideas with me on my Annie Things Possible Facebook Page!