Annie Lang's Decorative Painting Instructional Pattern Project Books are now available in downloadable .PDF format! These publications have been out of print since 2003, but many of the projects are absolutely timeless for a new generation of creatives just learning how to paint and craft.  Affordably priced at only $2.99 per book title and because you can print as many pages as you'd like, these publications are ideal for classroom and group projects.  If you want to try out a free book project...just scroll to the bottom of this post and Enjoy!

A Little Background on These Publications...
The original softcover books (the first was in 1995) were submitted to the publisher on floppy disc, written with Word for Windows 3.0 with hand drawn ink pattern designs! Manufacturers sent me most of the project surfaces and supplies I used for the book projects and after the sample projects were painted, I shipped them along with the floppy disc to the publisher.  Easl Publications formatted the book pages, took the color photo shots for finished book pages and oversaw all printing, book production and inventory tasks. On average, books usually took 3-5 months to get from my home studio to the store bookshelves.  As time went on, I was able to upgrade my Word program and purchased Photoshop 4 software to digitally create my pattern art.  Although it was an improvement over hand drawn art submissions, drawing with a mouse wasn't nearly as easy and precise as it now is with Photoshop CC and a digital pen tablet!

Softcover book editions VS .pdf formats...
1.  Original books are designed for you to trace the art and then transfer onto the prepared surface for painting.  With .pdf's, you can skip the tracing, print the page and then transfer directly onto your surfaces.
2.  If you are a classroom or group teacher, author permission is needed to duplicate softcover book project patterns and instructions for each student.   With .pdf editions, you can print as many pages  as needed for your classroom.
3.  Original softcover book patterns are not easily resized to fit your project without graph paper or multiple scans.  Pattern pages are easily resized in .pdf formatted publications which allow you to size according to %, pixels or inches.
4.  Pattern stitching multiple page patterns is much easier in printable formats.  Simply print the pages and tape them together.  With softcover books, you'll need to tape traced designs together before transferring to your surface.
5.  Instruction pages in .pdf format can be read from a computer monitor or tablet screen near your work area.
6.  If softcover books get damaged, they need to be replaced.  With digital books, you should work from a backup file of your original file.  Store the master copy on a backup drive (not your PC!) so you can make a duplicate if needed. Please note that you should NEVER make a duplicate to sell or post/share on social media for free as this is a copyright violation and a reason why so many creative arts designers are no longer publishing!
7.  Pricing for digital publications vs. printed publication editions is reasonable and affordable for everyone since production costs are minimal.  You can purchase a digital .pdf book for less than the cost of a greeting card which is another reason you should support the artist who created it for you!
8.  Page numbering is sometimes incorrect with .pdf's.  Depending on the printer, covers and book photo pages are not numbered but counted as individual pages for commercially produced softcover books.

Book content information...
Materials, supplies and manufacturers referenced in the original publications may have changed.  In the earlier books, you may note that company emails are listed but many did not yet have websites or online ordering!  You can easily get manufacturer and product info by simply typing it into Google Search.
Unfortunately, many of the smaller creative arts suppliers, woodcutting services, and even publishers have either retired, sold their businesses or merged their companies since my decorative painting books went out of print.  However, designs are adaptable and created for use on any kind of surface imaginable so don't be afraid to make any changes necessary to adapt them to whatever project you'd like to create..  After all is said and done... anything IS possible in our world of creative adventures!

Here's a sample project from Buglet Hugs and Soggy Froggies you can try!

Right Click and Save the full size pattern