The Story Behind Annie Lang's Elf Characters

Find this book here:!annie-lang-print-books/c2269 There's a story behind every character and here's the story behind my Elves!

My elf characters have been around as long as I can remember.  They made their first commercial appearance on the shelves of my Annie Things Possible handcrafts store in the 1980's as handpainted ornaments, holiday crafts, sculpted figurines and 24" dolls.  In 1995, "Elves From My Shelves" was published by Eas'l Publications as a how-to decorative painting instructional project book, followed a year later by "Elves Just Bein' Themselves".  The characters grew in popularity and eventually made their way from published decorative arts magazine and book projects to stickers, greeting cards, commercially printed fabric collections and medical apparel, clipart collections, scrapbook novelties, resin figurines, e-book patterns and more.  The Elves from My Shelves characters have evolved over the years in their appearance (haven't we all?!) but they've never lost their childish antics, happy smiles and holiday enthusiasm.  I am so delighted to finally move these fun loving elf characters off the store shelves and onto the bookshelves, where they can be enjoyed from the pages of a children's book for years to come.
Below you'll find images of where my Elves have been over the years and you can see for yourself how the characters have changed in appearance over these many years. I'm sure they'll be among your favorite "Annie Lang" characters, too!  Just click the images to see a larger view...
Decorative Painting Instructional Pattern Books
Annie's Elves Published by Easl Publications 1995-1996

Craft Projects featuring Annie Lang's Elves
Sample of Elves Craft Project Publications 1988-2001

An original fabric Elf Doll is shown at the top left corner
 Elf Doll and Fabric Print Collection Items 1986-2004

Annie's Elves commercially licensed for resin figures and
papercrafting publications 1997-2001